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At Three County Volkswagen, we take customer relationships very seriously. We strive to maintain a long-lasting connection with our customers and community members. These relationships are why we encourage you to schedule your routine maintenance and repairs at our service center. After you have driven home to Jersey City in your new or used car, we recommend you reach out to our knowledgeable staff for assistance with your automobile's care.

Our skilled team can handle the upkeep or extensive repairs necessary for your automobile. These professionals are excited to assist you with your vehicle's maintenance; quality service is an investment in your model's longevity. Along with this quality work, our community-focused attitude also offers exceptional customer service. To experience our excellent assistance, please visit us at your earliest convenience.

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No one knows Volkswagen vehicles better than Volkswagen-Certified Technicians. Every factory-trained tech has the hands-on experience to know your car inside and out. When it comes to service, Three County Volkswagen has everything your Volkswagen needs, including knowledge of the service your car needs throughout its lifetime.

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Here at Three County Volkswagen, we know that it's important to help keep your VW in great shape so that you can have fun out on the road.

Why Choose Our Service Center?

You may wonder why you should choose our service center over a nearby garage. The answer lies in our marvelous facility and knowledgeable repair technicians. You can find that and more at our service center near Newark. Your Volkswagen vehicle deserves care befitting of its caliber. Our specialists have expert insight into how you can keep your car in good condition and promote superior driving quality.

Also, we use genuine parts directly from the manufacturer. These genuine parts are made with the same quality as the original components on your Volkswagen car when it arrived on our lot. They offer the same quality as your model. Your automobile might exhibit better performance and increased efficiency when equipped with genuine parts.

Available Services

There is no job our team is unequipped to handle. Our reliable service will prepare your vehicle to take on Passaic roads. We can help you with services like checking engine lights, engine repair, fuel system service, electrical repairs, and more.



Routine oil change assistance is necessary to keep your engine operating smoothly and prevent unnecessary wear. While you are at our facility, we make it easy to remain on schedule with this service and to tailor the frequency based on your vehicle and driving style.


Bringing your automobile to our facility for regular brake inspections is a sound choice. However, you do not have to wait for a problem to manifest before seeing our technicians. We recommend having your brakes checked around 6,000 miles or every six months. To save time, have your brakes inspected when you come in for tire rotations or other routine maintenance checks.


By choosing the right tires for your car, carefully monitoring the tread and wear, and scheduling frequent maintenance, you can ensure a smoother, safer ride. Choose a service center like ours that you can trust. We will correctly inspect and change your tires, so your vehicle operates optimally.

Our service center uses cutting-edge equipment to accomplish all of these services. This approach, combined with our genuine parts and Volkswagen specialists, offers an excellent combination to keep your vehicle running well for years. While we specialize in Volkswagen vehicle cars, we service all model types. Contact us online or over the phone to get started.

Service Specials

Save on your service, parts, accessories, and repairs with our specials. In addition to the event promotions at our location, you can use our discounts and coupons to save on the assistance you need. Please review our current specials and contact us using our online scheduling tool.

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If you would like to arrange an appointment at our service center, we are happy to help. Get in touch with us online or over the phone. We'll set up your appointment in no time. Located in Lyndhurst, Three County Volkswagen is proud to serve the surrounding New Jersey areas.